What Are The Benefits Of A Smaller House?

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 28, 2016

Are you thinking about choosing a smaller home and are not sure if it’s the right decision for you to make? Over the last two years more buyers across the United States have chosen smaller homes vs. bigger homes because they offer individuals and families a wide variety of benefits including the following: Low Home […]

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Gardening in the Northeast

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 20, 2016

April is a great time to get started with gardening in the Northeast since snow has become a memory, and everyone is looking forward to warmer months ahead. If you’ve been thinking about heading outside to do some gardening here are some tips you can use to create an excellent garden for everyone to enjoy. […]

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What Is A Foreclosure?

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 14, 2016

Following the crash of the real estate market in 2007-2008 one of the most common and unfortunate results for many homeowners who fell behind on their mortgage payments was eventual foreclosure.

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Enfield Connecticut Home – Learn More About The Pros And Cons Of Short Sale

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 6, 2016

Over the last four years many homeowners have chosen short sale because they fell behind on mortgage payments for their Enfield Connecticut Home and they wanted to avoid foreclosure.

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3 Reasons To Sell Your Enfield Connecticut Home To An Investor

Posted by Mario Johnson // March 31, 2016

  Are you planning on selling your Enfield Connecticut home but aren’t sure if you should sell your property with the help of a Real Estate Agent or if you should sell it to an Investor for quick cash? Although most people will tell you that it makes sense to sell your home with the […]

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33 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer

Posted by Mario Johnson // August 6, 2014

Because you don’t want to hear them whine about being bored. 1. Put colored tape on the carpet to make roads for your kid’s toy cars. The tape comes up easily when you’re done. 2. Tape can also be used to create a fun outdoor board game. / Via Learn more here. 3. A couple sponges and a […]

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10 Ways to Create Your Own Paradise in the Backyard

Posted by Mario Johnson // July 30, 2014

Any outdoor living space, be it a compact apartment terrace or an expansive poolside patio, becomes so much more inviting once it’s been outfitted with a few creature comforts. In search of ideas to make your garden areas as comfortable as possible, we consulted Jeff Curren of Jeff Curren Interior Design and landscape designer Julian Calderon of Julian • […]

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4 Investments That Seem like They’ll Raise Your Property Value (But Won’t) – See more at:

Posted by Mario Johnson // July 16, 2014

Many people justify remodeling their homes by convincing themselves that they’re boosting their property value. Unfortunately, there are a few home modifications that will never recoup their initial costs. If you’re selling a home this season, make sure to avoid these four bad investments: 1)    A Swimming Pool – A swimming pool is far and away the […]

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4 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Posted by Mario Johnson // July 9, 2014

Security is a major concern for homeowners these days. Taking steps to ensure your real estate investment is protected from intruders won’t just make your home safer for your family – it will increase your property value as well. Here are some ways you can step up security on your real estate investment: 1)     Invest in […]

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Establish A Working Rapport With A Good Contractor

Posted by Mario Johnson // July 2, 2014

As much as you may try, you can’t be everywhere at once. There are times when you need to lean on your team and trust that they are doing their job. Aside from your realtor, there may be no more important team member than your contractor. If you focus your investing business on rehabbing properties you will need the […]

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