Can Boomers Afford That Dream Home?

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 16, 2014

As more and more Baby Boomers head into retirement, they have some very big real estate plans. But whether most boomers can afford to retire in style and live out their sunset years in their ultimate dream home is another question altogether. More than 70 percent say the home they will retire in will be […]

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6 Reasons to Invest in Pre Foreclosures

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 9, 2014

Learn the benefits of investing in pre foreclosure properties.

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The Difference Between Stocks and Real Estate

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 2, 2014

This is a great video explaining and disproving the myths of investing in real estate. Moral of the story (as stated in the beginning of the PT. 2 video) you can make 30% per year on you money!!!

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The Cat is Out of the Bag: Escalation Clauses are Everywhere

Posted by Mario Johnson // March 26, 2014

This cat has not quite made his way out of the bag. But soon…. Consider this an open letter to listing agents and agencies who have the policy of “not accepting”, “working with” or “presenting” offers that include escalation clauses–there are surprisingly more than a few. When I first began to realize that my predictions for this […]

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Opportunity Space: Unlocking the Value of Public Land and Buildings

Posted by Mario Johnson // March 19, 2014

You know that prime piece of property in your neighborhood that for some unknown reason has remained vacant or under-used? Chances are you own it. Well, not you, exactly, but your government. And what if I told you that your government—the largest property owner in the country—might not have any idea that they own it? […]

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Do You Understand Income Tax Considerations of Rental Properties?

Posted by Mario Johnson // March 12, 2014

A rental property can generate “taxable losses” that can be used to reduce your normal salary income, hence the federal income taxes you pay. It’s difficult for most people to understand how taxes work, and even more confusing once we get into the realm of rental properties and taxes. Note that understanding how taxes impact personal residences are […]

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Can You Break Up With Your Real Estate Agent?

Posted by Mario Johnson // March 5, 2014

The relationship with your real estate agent — whether buying or selling a home — is more complicated than most business relationships. For starters, it’s rare that one of your employees, your boss or a business associate would come into your kitchen to talk shop. Also, a real estate agent comes in and out of your life at […]

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Trading In Your 9 To 5 To Invest In Real Estate

Posted by Mario Johnson // February 26, 2014

Even though the housing and job markets appear to be getting better, many workers are still being laid off and having trouble finding a place to work. As recently as December, a less than encouraging job report even forced mortgage rates to be lowered. At the very least, people do not have a heightened sense […]

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When To Start Showing Your Property

Posted by Mario Johnson // February 19, 2014

Any time you are doing work on a property, the timing in which you show it is very important. If you rush the process and show it too quickly before any work is done, you run the risk of leaving realtors and buyers with a bad impression. If you wait too long to show it, […]

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Advice For Investing Out of State

Posted by Mario Johnson // February 12, 2014

One of the great debates among investors is whether or not toinvest out of state. Each side can give pretty compelling arguments for and against. Like most everything in investing and business, it comes down to personal preference and risk tolerance. Some investors would never invest in a property they could not make a short […]

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