How to Approach Real Estate in 2014 & Beyond

Posted by Mario Johnson // June 25, 2014

  The current real estate recovery is like a marathon. Last year, buyers and sellers sprinted out of the gates at full speed, fueled by lowinterest rates and affordable home prices. The press and social media were full of stories about limited housing inventories, bidding wars and multiple offers. In 2013, real estate was sexy and headline-worthy. As […]

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Housing: Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

Posted by Mario Johnson // June 18, 2014

With Spring and Summer often being the hottest seasons for buying a home, many people across the U.S. are currently pondering that classic question: is it better to rent or buy a house? It’s a difficult question to answer because the answer needs to be both very personal and at the same time very impersonal. […]

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8 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home

Posted by Mario Johnson // June 11, 2014

A cooling real-estate market is good news for buyers because it’s easier for them to negotiate a deal. But it shouldn’t be the main reason that pushes you into your first home. In fact, buying your first home is a personal decision that you should make independent of what the market may or may not […]

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The Topic No One Will Touch with a Nine Foot Pole: “Agents are Overpaid”

Posted by Mario Johnson // June 4, 2014

It’s a notion I’ve heard from many many people outside of the real estate industry over the past 8 years. And there are countless entrepreneurs who have thought the same thing, and actually tried to change it (because that’s what entrepreneurs do). PayPal veteran Keith Rabois, who is working on a startup named HomeRun, is the […]

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Real Estate Investing Strategies For Retirement

Posted by Mario Johnson // May 28, 2014

Real estate investing strategies for retirement have long been revered as one of the best vehicles to accumulate wealth for later in life. However, there is more than one way to invest in real estate. So which strategies are best for those with retirement in mind? Whether you are planning on retiring at the average age […]

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The Trick To Attracting Private Lenders

Posted by Mario Johnson // May 21, 2014

There is perhaps nothing you will do in your real estate investment business that is more important than aligning yourself with a private money lender. The doors opened by attracting private lenders will position your business for immediate success. Instead of pooling money or stretching every last dollar you have, private money behind you will give […]

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Make Your Tax Refund Work For Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Mario Johnson // May 14, 2014

  With the impending threat of tax season now behind us, refunds are all that is left. Investors are among those that typically experience great tax benefits, as it is the nature of the industry.  For those of you fortunate enough to receive money this year, there are several scenarios in which the extra funds […]

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Five Tips to Get Great Deals On the MLS (Including Buying Houses on Friday…?)

Posted by Mario Johnson // May 7, 2014

I buy almost all of my houses off of the MLS. I have tried direct marketing, wholesalers and other methods to get great deals, but the MLS seems to work the best for me.  So why am I finding so much success with the MLS when others are struggling? Here are the the top five reasons […]

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After 8 years, the real estate market is finally looking normal again

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 30, 2014

FORTUNE — Real estate investors are likely suffering from financial whiplash after the wild rise and fall of home values over the last 10 years. The beginning of the last decade saw an unprecedented spike in real estate prices, which culminated in the bursting of the real estate bubble in 2006 and a financial crisis to boot. Then came the crash, […]

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Will Millennials Kill Homeownership?

Posted by Mario Johnson // April 23, 2014

  Gen Xers are heading into their 40s and middle age, more often than not with mortgage in tow. I am squarely in that demographic. At 47, I am married,with three children and a house and mortgage in Natick. But who will sell our homes to when it comes time to retire or simply move […]

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